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Focused Acquisition

Our purchasing methods and proprietary acquisition techniques are the foundation of our business. Through our proprietary due diligence and the intellectual capital and experience of our management team, we are able to locate and acquire properties with great potential at substantially depreciated values. We focus on multiple asset classes of residential properties including single-family homes, multi-family apartments and prime vacant land.

By acquiring property at substantial discounts to fair market value, we are able to insulate our profits from market fluctuations. Each property we acquire must meet strict criteria to qualify for investment, and be acquired at a price point that will result in profitability in either favorable or unfavorable housing market conditions.

The old adage of “buy low, sell high” is the core of our business model. By putting our experience and research to work we capitalize on non-standard property acquisition techniques focusing on financially distressed assets including: Foreclosures, Tax Deeds, REO’s (real estate owned by banks) Short Sales and Tax Lien Certificates to name a few.

At SMK Capital Management we pride ourselves on creating highly sought after homes for our buyers and tenants. The majority of our properties undergo thorough renovation and remodeling, increasing property value and curb appeal. They are then turned for a profit or rented to qualified tenants ensuring rental income exceeds expenses and creates positive cash flow.


Experienced Management

Buying low is just the first step to success. Cost effective & timely renovation along with hands on tenant and property management is also crucial in our formula for success. Unlike some companies that rely heavily on unaffiliated third parties to perform certain requisite functions for them, at SMK Capital Management we do a substantial majority of our management & leasing in house, making acquisition and rental a competitive advantage of our business.

We work directly with our network of Property Area Specialists (experienced real estate agents, brokers and managers) who reside in the counties where we invest. Our Property Area Specialists assist in varying aspects of our property life cycle including: evaluating potential purchases for specific predetermined criteria, renovation supervision, tenant screening, and on-going property supervision until a sale is executed. Consistent, direct tenant communication through our network of local Property Area Specialists creates a highly effective long term management system.

Many real estate investors fear the management demands associated with real estate ownership. Let our highly experienced management team handle these burdens for you so we can provide you with hassle free, hands off, passive real estate investments.


Multiple Exit Strategies

In evaluating investment opportunities, we place special emphasis on considering multiple exit options available with respect to a particular investment over the planned investment holding period. Our strategy is investment return-led in its disposal strategy, liquidating assets where the investment objectives have been largely achieved and market conditions permit.

We consider all of the following as possible exit strategies:

  1. Renovate property and resell within a few months from acquisition date
  2. Renovate rental property, increase market rents and property income, resell in 1-2 years from acquisition
  3. Rent and hold, sell when local market meets medium term target projections
  4. Lease to buy option
  5. Package properties together and sell to investors
  6. Refinance